The Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Jobs

AI or artificial intelligence is truly the next biggest thing! There is surely no way around that fact. It is being used to enhance our daily life experiences through integration of this technology into devices all around us. Companies such as Google show great intent is moving forward with this technology showcasing how powerful it can truly be.

With the recent increase in demand for these AI programmers there has been a lot of new jobs that have opened up that specifically deals with development in this field.

Here are the top 5 jobs as an AI developer.

1.Data Scientist

data science job

The role of a data scientist is to primarily utilize and build new algorithms and analytics tools to enhance the way we sort through large amounts of data and also how we extract information from these data.

This is an extremely booming field, one will have to be knowledgeable in statistics as well as computer programming to be employed as data scientist.

Tools that are built by data scientist are utilized by  e-commerce sites ,social media sites and many other firms so as to gain an understanding of how they can be most profitable.

Programming languages that are typically used for this are R, SAS, Python.

ML Developer

machine learning jobs

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence where tools are built to create the artificial intelligence. Here a developer builds models for a computer to learn,from a large data set.

It is used to build personalized tools specific to a certain environment or ecosystem with the data set relevant to that environment.

Models that help automate process must be made so that human intervention is reduced. Many areas utilize this technology such as finance(to build predictive models), manufacturing, construction.

3.UI/UX Developer

Artificial Intelligence in User Interface Development

The task of such a developer is to understand the pain points of a customer and provide solutions through changes not in the actual functionality of the product but the the way the product is presented.

This type of a developer requires knowledge in 3 major sectors namely technical, business, industrial. The culmination of knowledge in these sectors allows one to design a product whose functionality is not lost yet is simplistically packaged.

Artificial Intelligence plays a great role is giving enough data to the developer to make decisive decisions.


blockchain technology jobs

This is a new breakthrough technology, a new way of sending,distributing and receiving data.

This technology surfaced with crypto currencies and it facilitates highly secure,seamless and transparent transactions. This systems works on the principle of decentralization where there is no central authority and the integrity of any sort of transaction is checked by the many other computers operating on the same network.

If you would like to know more about cryptocurrencies you can check out the article on BITCOIN here.

5.Cloud Software Engineer

cloud computing engineer job

Cloud solutions are truly the future as it helps companies eliminate large expenditure towards hardware.A well made cloud system with the incorporation of AI can offer higher efficiency than its hardware equivalent.

This helps drive many aspect of a business seamlessly.The artificial intelligence tools if implemented in the cloud have greater reach and access to data thereby producing more with effectively the same resources.

So these were the top 5 AI jobs, so where do you see yourself fit?

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