What is Abstract Data Types in Data Structures (ADT)

Abstract data type are like user defined data type on which we can perform functions without knowing what is there inside the datatype and how the operations are performed on them.

2 Ways of looking at Data Structures –

  • Mathematical/Logical/Abstract Models/Views
  • Implementation
More Info about Abstract Data Types in DS –
  • An abstract data type (ADT) is basically a logical description or a specification of components of the data and the operations that are allowed, that is independent of the implementation.
  • ADTs are a theoretical concept in computer science, used in the design and analysis of algorithms, data structures, and software systems, and do not correspond to specific features of computer languages.
  • There may be thousands of ways in which a given ADT can be implemented, even when the coding language remains constant. Any such implementation must comply with the content-wise and behavioral description of the ADT.
YouTube video tutorial –

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