Top 5 Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking

Hacking is an elusive skill that for the most part requires one to have a great understanding of various concepts in computer and software architecture as well as a deep knowledge in network systems. In this article we will discuss about the top 5 websites from where you can learn ethical hacking.

There are two major classification of hackers

  • Black Hat hacker
  • White Hat hacker(ethical hacker)

A black hat hacker uses the knowledge of computer systems to break into systems for his or her own benefit, doing so is against the law and is punishable. A white hat hacker utilizes the same knowledge in order to protect and secure the system or application from possible attacks. They are also referred to as Ethical Hackers.

Hacking is not openly taught so that misuse of the knowledge does not take place. Now the questions arises as to how one can get resources to learn hacking and to answer that question here are the top 5 websites to learn Ethical hacking.

hacking a website


SecurityTube is branded to be the YouTube for all things info-sec related! It has a wide variety of videos that cover concepts all the way from the basics of security and pen-testing to advance concepts such as attacks and hacks. These videos have been created by industry professionals and experienced security researchers.

The site also offers a certification in IOS security called SISE.

Here are some features of the website

  • security training
  • penetration testing tutorials
  • project discussions

securitytube website

You can check out the site here.


Cybrary is a free online cybersecurity website that offers training and resources material from various industry professionals. This site also allows us to connect with the industry professionals directly. The site runs due to its large community that always contributes up to date resources in order for the best learning experience to be created.

cybrary website home page

You can check out the website here.

3.Hack This Site

This site is a great place to find quality resources that provide great insight into how some attacks are carried out. The main attraction of this website is that it has a lot of projects that are being worked on by a large community of developers allowing for a wide variety of attacks to be tried and tested. The site also offers mission that one can complete starting from a beginners level to more advanced and challenging problems.

hack this site webpage

Check out the site here.


This site has a collection of hundreds of tutorials on hacking and cybersecurity in general. Many resources such as Ebooks and hacking tools are also available on the site.Information on how to hack locally such as with a script running on a single computer are also provided.

hacking tutorial webpage

You can learn more here.


SecTools is the one stop shop when it comes to all things network security related. This site provides a wide variety of tools that are specific to network security. It is loaded with tips and tricks on how to secure your network and many other concepts.Details on each individual tools are also available.

sectools webpage

Check out the site here.

These were the top 5 websites that can help in gaining knowledge to become a ethical hacker.

The resources provided in these websites are purely for educational purposes. These tactics must never be used to breach any law. Comment down below which website you found most informative and useful and also let us know if you have other websites that you think we missed out. 

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