Top 5 Ways To Learn Programming (FASTER)

Having trouble to learn programming Skill? Well not anymore! Being able to code is an essential skill if one wants to get into the IT field. It is a skill that is expected out of every IT engineer. Programming at its heart is a mixture of being able to understand and comprehend problems and then putting across instructions in a well defined manner to a computer so as to solve the problem.

Here are the top 5 ways to learn programming efficiently and quickly.

1.Develop Logical Reasoning

programmer logical reasoning

Programming involves being able to understand problems and then lay out the instructions to solve it . In order to comprehend the problem in the first place one must develop logical reasoning.

Here are some ways to develop logical thinking.

  • Solve logic puzzles
  • Think conditionally such as yes or no,if this then that
  • Break down complex problems into simpler chunks

When it comes to programming,if you already know a few languages then you can improve your logical reasoning by

  • Reading codes of other programmers
  • Write simple programmes such as pattern programs in the new language.

If you are completely new to programming here is a list of the top 10 languages to learn.

2.Draw Flowcharts

programming flowcharts

Flowcharts help a programmer in bringing their logical thoughts onto paper. Flowchart is a tool that helps one break down complex tasks into simple statements. It allows the programmer to establish a flow of logic as well .There are specified symbols used while drawing a flowchart.

Here is a list of a few with their meaning.


basic elements of flowchart

Here is an example flowchart.


flowchart for largest of 2 numbers

You can make your own flowcharts using this free online tool.

3.Choose a language with lot of documentation

programing documentations

When choosing a new language to learn,one must keep in mind the amount of documentation that it has. This is not to say that one cannot learn a language with less documentation, its just that there is less amount of resources to gather information from. Documentation of specific languages can be found in their respective websites.

Clear and definite documentation allows a programmer to understand the intricacies of a language helping them understand things such as the syntax and also things like how the program is compiled,which is very vital information for a programmer to understand the language.

Here is the documentation of a few popular programming languages.

4.Build Small Projects

simple software project

This is my personal favorite way to learn programming fast. It is almost impossible to learn a programming language entirely. One can only master about eighty percent of a language. In order to gain the ability to program in a language one can fix small and simple projects such as

  • Calculator
  • Simple invetory system
  • pac-man
  • snake

Having an end goal will help in working from the back, meaning that one will learn new concepts as and when required to do so. Using this technique a small application can be developed which will have some real world use and also it would have introduced many concepts.


img src = giphy
At the end of the day it all comes down to how much practice one has with the language. A programmer must be able to think logically, bring those thoughts into written instructions and then implement them to make projects that will have real world application. As technology advances day by day and is changing rapidly, it is very important to keep practicing new concepts to keep yourself updated.

There are many online websites where you can practice various programming languages in an intuitive way for e.g. –

Practice is the key to being a good programmer and this will always remain to be the cornerstone to learning to program.

These were the top 5 ways to learn programming faster and more efficiently. Let us know in the comment below what are your techniques of learning programming ?


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