Prefix to Infix Conversion using Stack Data Structure (With C++ Program Code)

In this tutorial we will convert in Prefix Expression to a infix Expression using Stack Data structure. We will understand the Rules to convert an prefix expression to infix expression and also understand the pseudocode. Lastly we will write a C++ program to perform prefix to infix expression conversion.

Rules for Prefix to Infix using stack DS –
  1. Scan PREFIX expression from RIGHTto LEFT OR REVERSE the PREFIX expression and scan it from LEFT to RIGHT.
  2. IF the incoming symbol is a OPERAND, PUSH it onto the Stack
  3. IF the incoming symbol is a OPERATOR, POP 2 OPERANDs from the Stack, ADD this incoming OPERATOR in between the 2 OPERANDs, ADD ‘(‘ & ‘)’ to the whole expression & PUSH this whole new expression string back into the Stack.
  4. At the end POP and PRINT the full INFIX expression from the Stack.

pseudocode of prefix to infix expression


C++ Program to Prefix to Infix Conversion using Stack DS –
YouTube video tutorial –

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