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In this tutorial we understand the working of optimized bubble sort algorithm in data structures.

Optimized Bubble Sort –
  • Optimized bubble sort is basically a smarter version of bubble sort algorithm. Hence the algorithm is same with a mechanism to determine whether the list/array DS is sorted or not after every iteration
  • This ensures that the algorithm only runs till the array/list is sorted.
  • Regular bubble sort runs iterations which are equal to the size of the array irrespective of whether the array is sorted before those number of iterations or not.
  • In optimized bubble sort, we have a flag variable that keeps track of whether the list is completely sorted or not.
  • In optimized bubble sort, whenever there is a swapping in any iteration, it means that the array/list is still not sorted & hence the flag is set to FALSE.
  • Whenever there is no swapping in a particular iteration, the flag is set to TRUE
  • At the end of every iteration, this flag variable is checked. If value is true, it means swapping happened & hence the list isn’t sorted completely so next iteration is allowed. If value is false, it means swapping never happened, hence the list is already sorted & there is no point in further iterations hence exit algorithm.
Working –
  • Step 1 – Starting with the first element(index = 0), compare the current element with the next element of the array. Set flag = false
  • Step 2 – If the current element is greater than the next element of the array, swap them. Set flag = true
  • Step 3 – If the current element is less than the next element, move to the next element.
  • Step 4 – At end of iteration check flag, if true, continue iteration else exit iterations.
  • Step 4 – Repeat Step 1 till the list is sorted.
Algorithm –
  1. declare variables – i, j
  2. loop : i = 0 to n – 1 // outer looploop : j = 0 to n -i- 1 //
  3. set flag = false
    1. inner loopif ( a[j]>a[j+1] ) then
      1. set flag = true
      2. swap a[j] & a[j+1]
    2. end loop // inner loop
    3. if flag == false then
      1. EXIT
  4. end loop // outer loop
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