IOT & IOE | Internet Of Things & Internet Of Everything-Introduction

We live in a world where things are slowly becoming connected. From smartphones to smart fridges  the internet is creeping more and more into our lives and it can be said that it is an indispensable resource. We all know our smart phones and how the sophisticated systems inside help make it work.we keep updated about the latest processors and chipsets but pay less heed  to the growing number of things around us that are becoming connected. lets talk internet of things .

It is technically defined as the inter workings of physical devices, vehicle, buildings, and other items embedded with electronics, software,sensors, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data.Things that are connected to the internet are very subtly present around us. Letts  take the example of security cameras for example NEST cameras that provide a multitude of features including features like having live video feed  directly to your smart phone.alerts the user when there is excessive movement and many others, this is an example of IOT.

We now have smart fridges that have interactive screens that allow us to see what food items we are running out off and allows us to directly place an order for them. This again is IOT.

There are many applications of such systems. If we are to talk about how such system are built we must become familiar with a few things like micro controller,embedded systems as well as basic programming.

Microcontrollers :

A microcontroller is a self-contained system with peripherals, memory and a processor that can be used as an embedded system.

arduino board

We have open source tools like arduino(shown below) that allows us to program into them commands and functions which help in performing useful tasks.

We also have other micro controllers such as the raspberry pi that allow us to do the same .Since these are open source projects the circuit architecture are freely available for anyone to download and modify it allowing for diversified architectures that provide a plethora of functions.These microcontroller have specified IDE’s that allow for a programmer to utilize the microcontroller to create simple as well complex systems.

Are IOT and IOE Different ?  

Many people usually get this all confused but IOT and IOE are one and the same(mostly). The inter connected devices form the environment.that we call the  internet of everything. Implying that IOE encompasses IOT.

IOE encompasses both physical(IOT) and non physical aspects.There is a term that always pops up when we talk about IOE or IOT and it is regarding the information gathered by these devices and on how this large amount of data can be processed and utilized in a meaningful manner.This are dips its feet into the waters of BIG DATA.In conclusion we have we see that IOE is essentially a superset of IOT. it is the interconnections Between devices capable of connecting to the internet(i.e)not only PC computers. It allows for the creation of simple and complex systems that have practical usefulness.   Follow up post coming soon on more practical applications.


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