Find out if your facebook data was shared with Cambridge Analytica

With the outbreak of the Cambridge Analytica scandal that stole from Facebook personal data of millions of people,there has been a growing fear among the large user base about the integrity of their data. To put an end to this unrest Facebook has released a help page on Facebook that will notify users of whether either they or someone from their friends list had logged into to the malicious app This Is Your Digital Life .

Mark Zuckerberg at Congress hearing

Facebook in order to make this information more accessible has put a link to this page at the top of people’s news feed so as to ensure that more people are aware of weather their data was compromised or not.

This is how the page looks like –
facebook data cambridge analytica data leak check page

The green box states that me & my Friends personal details were not shared with Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook as a company at this point is facing a lot of heat for letting something as big as this happen right under people’s noses,Mark Zuckerburg has been asked to testify before congress so that the democrats and legal officials get to know of the companies future plans to rectify the errors made. A huge point of discussion during this meeting was if regulations were to be implemented in order to regulate online content,to which Mark agreed but how far this would develop is to be seen. 

cambridge analytica data security

There were some tough question asked to Mr.Zuckerburg about sensitive things or the inner workings of the company that Mark hesitated to answer. A lot of questions still remain unanswered. As of now,Facebook is trying to inform the users of how much damage has taken place and is rolling out new measures to remove apps that behaved in the same way as the rouge app.

security of apps on facebook

Facebook is putting similar apps under tight scrutiny in order to find such rouge apps. Two apps have been banned after an audit.

So was your data compromised? Let us know what steps you would like Facebook to take to help solve this issue in the comments below.

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