Dynamic Web Application Development using C# ASP.NET – Course Details, Prerequisites & Website Demo

This is the very first tutorial of the Dynamic Web application development course. In this video we will understand the project & take a look at the technologies to be used as well as the prerequisites of this course.

About the Course & Prerequisites –
  • Design & Develop a complete Dynamic Web Application from scratch.
  • Understand the concept of responsive web designing & how Bootstrap helps in responsive mobile first web development.
  • Perform DB connectivity with MS SQL using C# programming.
  • Tech used –
    • ASP.NET with C# programming
    • MS SQL DB
    • Bootstrap
  • Prerequisites –
    • Basic knowledge of ASP.NET with C#, MSSQL & Bootstrap
  • Software Used –
About the Web-Application –

Topic – Online Library Management System

Modules –

  • Member Signup – New users can sign up via this module
  • Member Login – Signed up users will login in
  • View Books – Anyone can view the books available
  • Admin Login – Admin will login via this module
  • Book Author Management – Add/Update/Delete Author details
  • Publisher Management – Add/Update/Delete Publisher details
  • Book Inventory – Add/Update/Delete Book details
  • Book Issuing Process – Issue/Return Books
Online Library Management System Demo Images –

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YouTube video tutorial –

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