Dress To Impress At Your Interview in 3 Steps

In today’s corporate market, companies interview dozens or even hundreds of people for one position, and hence first impressions are now more important than ever. As you only get one first impression, so having the perfect outfit is a crucial aspect of a successful job interview. The manner in which you dress for an interview says how neat, professional and precise you really are.

If you want to dress to impress and be hired for the job of your dreams, focus on these following three aspects.

1. Selecting Right Outfit


Your clothing should be neat, clean, and pressed.

Women’s Interview Attire

Several young Indian women face the confusion of choosing between an Indian formal wear and a western outfit. But, making this decision should not be much of a problem, because most companies allow both.

Here are some points to remember, while deciding what to wear to a professional interview.

Choosing the Right Indian attire

  • Select a smart knee length or a long kurta in cotton/silk with a Chinese full or half collar
  • Wear a kurta having either full-sleeves or three-fourths sleeves
  • Best option would be a plain kurta with some simple buttons or pleats
  • Avoid wearing transparent ones or the ones which need a slip to wear inside
  • Pair this kurta with straight ankle length leggings
  • You can also wear a long straight fit and plain salwar kameez
  • Avoid low-cut necklines and stick to cotton clothes if you can
  • Avoid clothes having trinkets or tassels that make noises every time you move
  • Also, do not wear duppattas that tend to keep falling off. It is a huge distraction for the interviewer if you keep fumbling with your outfit
  • Also, stay away from shimmery or heavily embroidered outfits

Choosing the Right Western Attire

  • You can wear a shirt with a skirt or formal pants
  • Your outfit should be comfortable and fit you well
  • If opting for skirts, knee-length skirts are suggested
  • Do not wear printed shirts, or anything lacy, sheer, or low-cut
  • The stalking or hose that you wear underneath the skirt should be neutral, avoid fishnets or trendy tights

Men’s Interview Attire

  • For men, professional attire can include includes a long-sleeved shirt and, formal shoes.
  • Wearing a tie is optional
  • Ensure that your pants are well-ironed and are the right length and size
  • Avoid wearing jeans at all costs

2. Choosing the Right Color

right color clothes for interview

Interview candidates are required pay attention to everything from what they wear and how they present themselves. One important, and often overlooked, aspect of an interviewee’s first impression is colour.

The right kind of colour can help in conveying your confidence, professionalism and your ability to fit into an organization’s corporate environment.

  • For both men and women these neutral solid colours are the safest bet
    • Navy Blue
    • Dark Gray
    • Black
    • Brown
  • White is also an excellent colour for a button-down shirt
  • Pair a light colour shirt with a dark coloured trouser. Combinations could be (Shirt vs Pants):
    • White and Black
    • Maroon/Bottle Green and Beige
    • Navy Blue and Beige
  • Avoid wearing loud colours and flashy ties
  • According to a survey, the absolute worst colour to wear to a job interview is Orange. So steer clear of any shade of orange colour, as it is associated with someone who’s unprofessional

3. Picking Right Accessories

accessories for interviews

For women:

  • Make-up and nail polish that you wear should be understated and flattering
  • Wear only those shades that are neutral to your skin tone
  • Keep your jewellery and hair accessories to a minimum, a quiet silver necklace, ring, or bracelet can help your classy look
  • Avoid anything that is flashy, distracting, or shiny
  • Wear a pair of shoes that are in solid colour, preferably black
  • Do not wear platforms or stilettos, opt for reasonably-high heel

For Men:

For men, accessories should be kept to an absolute minimum.

  • Wear shoes that are clean and preferably new
  • Wear shoes that are in solid colours, most preferably black or brown, for example, business leather shoes or classic loafers are the safest bet
  • Ascertain that your shoes match the rest of your outfit
  • Wear subtle socks having a solid colour and preferably dark or otherwise just coordinated it with rest of your outfit
  • Opt for nice gold or silver watch, or a watch having a strap that can match your outfit. Make sure it’s tasteful and not too flashy.

Apart from all these tips, focus on keeping a good hygiene. Bad hygiene can ruin the best outfit you have. It’s absolutely vital for you take time to have a clean and fresh body before you walk into an interview. If you fail to do so, your potential employers might think you’re sloppy and careless.

Before you even utter a single word to the interviewer, you have already made an impression based on how you’re dressed. Use these tips to make a smart impression on your interviewer, and walk in that interview with a confident, positive and welcoming attitude!

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