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About Founder –

Hey guys, My name is Tanmay Sakpal and I am the founder/CEO of Simple Snippets. I have a bachelors degree in Information Technology(BSc.IT) and recently Completed my Masters in Computer Applications(MCA).

love Information Technology and Computer Science domain and teaching and sharing knowledge is something that makes me feel happy so that’s why I created Simple Snippets so that I can share my knowledge with everyone!

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Tanmay Sakpal – Founder / CEO

Team & Contributors –

Abhishek Sali -Former Graphics Designer & Video Editor

I am passionate about Programming & Development and I am a Java Developer. Also I love teaching and pursue teaching as a part time hobby. I have a bachelors degree in Information Technology(BSc.IT) and recently complete my Masters in Computer Application (MCA). I have worked on many freelance projects over the past 3-4years have have developed many web-applications, android Apps and more. i also love graphic designing and I am well versed in Adobe Illustrator, After effects & other Adobe Suite softwares.

Abhishek Sali – Editor / Graphics Designer

Aishwarya Rane - Tech Content Writer

Hello Friends, I am Aishwarya Rane and I work as a content writer at Simple Snippets. I have a bachelors degree in I.T and I am currently pursuing MCA.
I have a keen interest in knowing about latest gadgets and new inventions and love to write about wide range of awe-inspiring technologies!

Aishwarya Rane – Content Creator

Nikhiil Rajesh - Content Writer and Social Media Promoter

Hey! I am Nikhiil Rajesh . I am a content creator and social media promoter here at simple snippets. I am pursuing my B.Tech in  Information Technology.
I am a passionate programmer with keen interest towards technology. Love writing about tech and enjoy the tech world. Latest news and gadgets feed my thirst for tech!
Combining both the love for writing and technology I produce easy to read yet informative content explaining simple and complex concepts in technology.

Nikhiil Rajesh – Intern / Content Creator | Social media Promoter

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