5 Tips to Crack Interviews in Game of Thrones Style

Difficulties in cracking interviews? Here are 5 Important Tips to Crack Interviews with a Game of Thrones(GOT) Flavor. Oh and yes, if you are from those rare breed of people who haven’t watched GOT yet, you still will love this article!

Be it a fresher or an experienced person looking for a new job, everyone gets kinda nervous when its time for the INTERVIEW. Getting nervous is obvious as it’ll get you another job of your choice or you might have to go out again disappointed hunting for another job. Job hunting is easy but cracking the interview not so much. So lets go over this article with a Game of Thrones touch and learn about few of the common mistakes and how to avoid them. Valar Morghulis!

1) Know your enemy (or maybe friend)

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Many people dont take the job description seriously like ya I know the role, it’ll be fine! Well if that’s what you think then my friend you’ve lost your first step to the interview. It is essential to know about the company that you’re applying for. You’ve got to know how they work, how do they generate revenue. This helps when you’re planning to switch into new field or maybe into a company that does something that you know a bit differently. Get information and insights from your friends about the company. Also reading the job description properly clearly depicts the kind of requirement they are looking for. If they have mentioned something peculiar about the role, make sure you know about it and clear out all the doubts before you apply.

2) Prepare for the battle

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We’ve given mock exams during our 12th and other higher education but what we never did was to take it seriously. If you did take it seriously my friend then you’re good and if you hadn’t then please dont repeat that mistake here. Go through the job description and analyse yourself. Pick out your major strengths and weaknesses from it. Work on your weaknesses and polish your strengths.

3) Sharpen your sword

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“We excel in the basics, why should we waste time on it?” Not the right way to go my friend! Most of the people spend their time and energy in preparing for the difficult stuff and then when something basic comes their way, they mess up. It is more important for people applying for technical roles to strengthen up their basics. Some interviewer might trick you to think something complex when its actually a basic question (A faceless question). Go through the internet for questions related to your field and gather as much information as you can. Marketing people can prepare for situational questions like How would do solve this? or What would you do if you would be in such a situation? or How will you help us improve? It is also helpful to know relative stuff (Good to be Lord Varys sometimes). Lastly, have an answer ready for few questions like Tell me something about yourself, What are your strengths and weaknesses? Why do you wanna join our company (house) ? I’m sure you’d know something about yourself, Jon Snow!

4) Make sure your armor is fine

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One of the important things is dressing which people dont take it seriously. I mean if you’re failing, better fail looking good! Don’t you think so? Haha, I’m just kidding! I’m here to help you motivate and not demoralise. Make sure you wear proper formal clothes, in some cases semi formals would do as well. Don’t show up like you’re a Wildling(GOT reference) and they waiting for you. You may look like Jon Snow for a while but not necessary they’ll accept you as the brother of the Night’s Watch. Wear comfortable clothes and not something that would make you gasp for breath.

5) Enemy at the gates (or maybe you’re at their’s)

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Make sure you reach the place before time. Calm down and relax for a while. Fill out the details form properly if they give you. Be sure on the experience you have. For the aptitude round, solve the ones that you feel are easy first and then go for the difficult ones. In one on one rounds, hear the question properly and let the interviewer complete the question. Take your time to think and then answer. Be confident in your answers or you’ll become Reek from Theon Greyjoy!

I hope these points will help you emerge victorious in the battle can help you get your place in the company you want to. So All the best with your preparations because the night is dark and full of terrors! Just kidding!

Valar Dohaeris!

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